Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frisco Tank..

Basically this tank was a practice panel deal for my 31' ford Fuel Coupe project. I plan on doing the faded orange panel on both sides of the frame rails with the pattern going from outer rail to inner rail panels all over silver flake with a silver flaked motor, and a orange body barley orange kandy on the roof fading to so dark its almost black at the rocker. Yes I'm going for the gold with the next project car goal is to unveil it at Cobo Hall 2013 on chrome jacks with mirrors under it. Watch for progress pics this summer... Side note i'll be painting chopper tanks starting in February 1 a month random designs will be available. inquire at

Tom's Dashboard

this is some footage of tom's dashboard for his 57' buick.

The Shop

The shop recently got new lighting and a fresh coat of white paint.

The Cosmonaut

Did a Taylor Tot stroller for Keven from Car N Art a while back and never posted. unfortunatley i never got shots of it finished and all together


did a hard hat and a surf nazi helmet recently..

the hard hat has 4 differnet flakes and a candy base.

the Surf Nazi helmet is all red flake and clear.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fully Flaked Eff Yew Fifty 5!

I'm really proud of this. The summer issue of Hot Rod Deluxe featured Detroit Autorama this year. They came to Detroit with High Hopes of "True" classic customs and rods in "the basement" and what they essentially wrote was theyre is too many rubber rats and non trad cars with no style or class, and the cars they featured in the article were the best of the beasement along with the favorite traditonal show cars from upstairs. It's an honor that Me and Keven Carter made the cut in such a tradtional article....